Welcome to Pinnacle Engineering Solutions

At Pinnacle Engineering Solutions, health and safety is our business! Our professional engineering firm specializes in safety engineering services and environmental code compliance. We provide innovative, practical solutions to minimize the impact on your production but still keep your workers safe.

We have extensive knowledge and experience interpreting CSA Safety Standards, the Ontario Building Code, and Ontario Fire Code. We are also knowledgeable in many ANSI, NFPA, EN and ISO standards relevant to machine guarding and worker safety.

Whether you need a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) done for new or modified machines in Ontario, or are looking for a professional opinion on the safeguarding of your manufacturing line in Canada or the United States, we can help. Reviews on new manufacturing equipment can also be done at the manufacturer’s location, before being shipped to Ontario. It can be advantageous to review the equipment at the machine manufacturer’s location as changes or modifications are more easily fabricated and integrated.

We have worked in a variety of environments, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, food & beverage, waste management, packaging and more. We have reviewed a variety of different manufacturing lines and machines, including robotic cells, punch & brake presses, packaging & labelling, palletizers & wrappers, injection moulding, spray booths, dust collectors, printing presses, CNC & milling machines, balers & compactors, to name a few.

We operate as an independent, third party in providing general safety reviews and machine guarding evaluation. If you are looking for a professional opinion on the occupational health and safety of your manufacturing line or equipment, contact us.

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