Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene projects involve the identification, evaluation and control of environmental stressors that may cause adverse health effects or significant discomfort in workers or citizens of the community. Environmental stressors include chemical, biological noise and heat agents.

Occupational hygiene surveys are conducted to evaluate compliance with regulated exposure limits or good practice guidelines, to evaluate health hazard potential, or to investigate reported health symptoms.

Most occupational hygiene surveys begin with a qualitative risk assessment to identify and prioritize potential hazards in the workplace. Air and/or noise surveys often follow to assess the degree of exposure, compliance status, and risk. These surveys are performed in accordance with accepted occupational hygiene practice as set by various governmental agencies.

The results of the surveys are evaluated against federally or provincially regulated exposure limits, and good practice guidelines. Any air samples collected are analyzed by laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) to ensure that clients are provided with defensible, reliable results.

Pinnacle Engineering Solutions Ltd is available to assist you in developing and implementing appropriate cost-effective control measures. These measures may include engineering controls, worker training programs and personal protective equipment programs, among other strategies.

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